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When The Sneaker Game Changed For Me.....

In my opinion the sneaker game went to shambles in December of 2012 when the Bred 11's came out. Before the hype beasts took over I was able to get sneakers with ease. I could walk into the local Footlocker, Finish Line etc. at any time on the weekend and get whatever. Then it went from that to calling in the day before and reserving my pair, to what we have now. The one word to sum the sneaker game up is chaos! I remember entering a raffle for the 11's thinking this is where we're at now? But whatever let's see how this goes. Fast forward to the day of the release. I get to the finish line with ID and raffle ticket in hand, thinking this was going to be a smooth process. I was sadly mistaken, I had to wait in line for 20 minutes in 40 degree weather. This didn't make any sense to me, seeing as though I had a winning raffle ticket. After waiting in line I was able to get my 11's and go on about my day. I told myself, if I can't get the sneakers online, in the store or through someone I knew, that was going to be the only way I did things. Since then I've had some sadder days and some successful days...... So what's your story? When did the sneaker game change for you?

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